A Year of Organic Chemistry

Dr. Robb's Conquer Organic Chemistry semester Book 1 and 2 provide the entire year of the college class. Easy to follow, simple and often funny explanations combined with useful sample problems make this one-of-a-kind masterpiece the perfect companion for your class. Whether you are learning organic chemistry the first time or reviewing for an entrance exam, you need these guides.

Learn organic chemistry while having fun, in half the time it takes with your current tutor or teacher. With Dr. Robb's study aids, memory tricks, sample problems, and summary guides you learn exactly what you need to know. With the right information presented the right way, you will save time and thousands of tuition dollars.

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With the Cheater's Guide getting through school will be that much easier. You can just pass your way through high school or college or, with a little effort, dominate the class. Cut your study time in half while you double your results. Learn how to study smart, not hard! Party more, study less, using Dr. Robb's study techniques, memory tricks, time management, note taking, and shmoozing advice. You will have exactly what you need to get the grades you want. To get a free copy of his book, Conquer Your Classes, opt-in here. Send him your request by e-mail here or email passochem@gmail.com. For those of you who want the more comprehensive version of the book go to Buy Books page and purchase The Grade Saver.

Conquer Your Classes is only $69.95 and sent by e-mail


Submit your college level organic chemistry tests and Dr. Robb will send you new ones. Over the years, Dr. Robb has developed quite a talent for predicting his students' tests by analyzing their old tests. He then creates sample tests in their professors' styles. Over 25-years, Dr. Robb has amassed hundreds of tests and thousands of test questions from many schools and dozens of professors.

If you would like a custom test made just for you, submit your old sample tests to passochem@gmail.com. Photograph them on your cell phone or scan them on your computer. Make sure to send a return email for the new tests.

This offer is completely free. Limit one per request. Allow one day to complete the request.

Send images or scans to: passochem@gmail.com


Dr. Robb has been tutoring organic chemistry since 1990. That's 25-years and counting. From his humble days as the number 1 organic chemistry student at Santa Clara University, to Cal Poly State University as a Double Major in Chemistry/Biochemistry, to medical school at U.N.R., to his 6 years as a Ph.D. graduate student at U.N.L.V, Dr. Robb has tutored organic chemistry using his unique, ridiculously funny memory techniques. His memory tricks are so ridiculous they actually work!

Fair to say, Dr. Robb has seen it all. Equally fair, you have never seen organic chemistry taught this way before!

For every professor and every school, Dr. Robb has created dozens of new and ever more exciting ways to explain difficult concepts. If you've never laughed while learning organic chemistry, you will with Dr. Robb.

If you want to see just how funny organic chemistry can be - and should be - check out Dr. Robb's books or hire him as your tutor.

Tutoring in San Luis Obispo or, if outside the area, online.

Dr. Robb: Each appointment is at least 1 hour

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To contact me please use my email passochem@gmail.com or by phone 805-769-0820.

I took first quarter ochem 4 years ago and thought I could take second quarter despite the long deficit. Turns out I was wrong and sought out Dr. Robb for help. He brought me in as a serious matter and made sure I wouldn't end up a lost cause. By using his accelerated summaries for both quarters I caught up in no time. I went from failing my first test to passing the class with a B! His methods are beyond what any college professor teaches but enabled me to retain the material much faster. If you apply yourself and listen to Dr. Robb's advice, he will work miracles for you.

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