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What is my contribution to the world of organic chemistry? Organic Chemistry made ridiculously simple...and funny!

With Conquer Organic Chemistry, you get 25-years of my tutoring condensed into just a few pages, with plenty of practice problems. You get all of my simple yet funny, politically incorrect, crazy effective explanations, not just a bunch of reactions with products.

Organic Chemistry has long been taught pretty much the same everywhere: dry, overly complicated, and boring. In my books, I include my famous - or infamous - memory tricks and creative explanations developed over a lifetime of tutoring and teaching. The last thing you will experience is monotonous, boring memory techniques here. My job is to make you laugh while helping you to remember a vast amount of information. As an equal opportunity offender, it's my job to offend you just enough with my cringe-worthy memory tricks to be useful, to double or even triple your memory with half the effort.

If you are easily offended - GOOD! You will have a great memory.

For now, please enjoy the journey you are about to take as you CONQUER ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!

Dr. Robb

Semester 1 Book

Table of Contents

  • Memory System Overview
  • Functional Group Details
  • Formal Charge, Oxidization State, Boiling Points, Curved Arrows
  • Overview of Nomenclature: alkanes to carboxylic acids
  • Overview of Nomenclature: practice!
  • Acid Strength, Trends, and common pka's
  • Newman Projections, Conformational Isomers, Fischer, Haworth, Sawhorse, Chair Conformations
  • Cycloalkanes Compared, Ring "Flips", Most Stable Conformations
  • Hybridization and Bonding using the "Bartender's Margarita Blender" Model
  • Resonance Structures using the "Dick and Balls" Models
  • Type of Isomers and Stereochemistry and the "ChemDraw Birds"
  • Enantiomeric Excess and Optical Purity Calculation
  • Sn2 vs Sn1; E2 vs E1 Overview
  • Sn2, Sn1, E2, E1 Master Prediction Chart
  • Categories of Reactions
  • Intermediate Stability, Free Radical Reaction, Mechanism, etc.
  • Free Radical Reactions and Mechanisms (continued)
  • Electrophilic Alkene Addition Reactions Master Summary
  • Electrophilic Alkene Addition Mechanism
  • Alkyne Addition Reactions
  • Alkyne Addition Reaction Mechanisms
  • Alkene-Alkyne Reactions Comparison
  • Summary of Organic Chemistry 1 Reactions Chart
  • Reagents Only Page (no reactions)
  • Reagents Only Page (with reactions)
  • Wheel of Death: Reactions with a Hydride Shift
  • Wheel of Death: Hydride Shift (answers)
  • Wheel of Death: Reactions with a Methyl Shift
  • Wheel of Death: Methyl Shift (answers)
  • Wheel of Death: Reactions with a Alkyl Shift
  • Wheel of Death: Alkyl Shift (answers)

Semester 1 for $29.95

Semester 2 Book

Table of Contents

  • Memory System Overview
  • Reactions of Alcohols and Ethers
  • The Diels Alder Reaction
  • Aromatic Compounds: Rules of Aromaticity and EAS/NAS/Sandmeyer Reactions
  • Aldehydes and Ketones
  • Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives
  • Carboxylic Acid Halides
  • Carboxylic Acid Anhydrides and Esters
  • Amides and Nitriles
  • The "Waterfall" Summary of Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives Reactions
  • Reduction-Oxidation "Ladder" and Relative Oxidation States
  • Alpha Substitution: Aldol Condensation, Claisen, Michael Addition, Robinson Annulation, Malonic Ester, Acetoacetate
  • Master Chart of Organic Chemistry 2 Reactions
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amines
  • Spectroscopy and Other Techniques: UV-Vis and Mass Spec
  • Spectroscopy and Other Techniques: IR, NMR and the LGBTQIA Analogy
  • Spectroscopy and Other Techniques: NMR patterns and David Letterman's Smile
  • Spectroscopy Sample Problems: Sample Mass Spec
  • Spectroscopy Sample Problems: Classic NMR Patterns
  • Spectroscopy Sample Problems: IR, H-NMR Combo Examples
  • Spectroscopy Sample Problems: Mass Spec, H-NMR, C-NMR Combo Examples

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Semester 1 and 2 Books

Both Semester 1 and 2 for $49.95

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