Dr. Robb's Testimonials

"The dude rocks. Wayyyy better than the tutors I've had before, campus tutors kinda suck. Robb is not a peer tutor and that is probably why he's so good. Funny, makes it not so painful. Class is worst ive taken in college. Can't believe he actually likes this stuff. Thanks man."

- Trevor B.; Ochem 312, 2019

"I suck at ochem, Dr. Robb, really appreciate all your help. He was really patient with me, met me whenever I asked."

- Michael K.; Ochem 312, 2018

"Took my three times to pass this class, had Dr. Robb for all three tries. I came to Robb at the end of my first try so next quarter we started from day one. I just barely missed a passing with his help, but truthfully I didn't spend enough time on it. 3rd time around, Robb offered me a free quarter and we finally got me a passing grade. I am really glad I got a tutor. Once I put in the work I needed I passed. Thanks Robb."

- Jamie; Ochem 312, 2018

"I passed with a C. I was so over this class and my tutor got me through it. Not a fun class, really hard, recommend students to see Robb but def you gotta put the time in. I met my tutor at local coffee shop. I m glad I got a tutor for organic, you really should go that route too."

- Brie; Ochem 216, 217, 2018

"Robb's cool and a wicked smart guy. Memory tricks and knowledge better than most i've seen. Broke my leg and couldn't leave the house, Robb came to me so that we could continue the tutoring. Props man, thanks, got a B."

- Steve of AGR; Ochem 312, 2017

"Dr. Robb, you really helped me a lot for chem 217. Your memory tricks are funny and you can break it down in ways that make it sooooo much easier to understand than my professors. Stoked over my grade. I got an B. I will def recommend you to my friends. Thanks."

- Kaylee; Ochem 312, 2016

"I did the summer class for 312. In only 5 weeks Robb helped me keep my overall gpa above a B- average, and my scholarshpis. Really thankful I contact him. "

- Marcus; Ochem 312, 2015

"Dr. Robb, I met him at a mixer downtown on Holloween. He tutored me for free using a bar napkin. In just 15 minutes I started to understand ochem. We worked a lot more after that, about 15 hours in 3 weeks. I went from an F to an A-. He's amazing."

- Alyssa; Ochem 312, 2015

"Dr. Robb is a great tutor with really efficient teaching methods. It's very refreshing sitting down with a tutor who knows exactly what they're talking about, knows how to explain the concepts in an understanding layout, and my favorite--explains concepts the way your specific professor wants you to know them.

- Jackson P.; Ochem 317, 2014

Dr. Robb is funny and makes Ochem a little less stressful during tutoring sessions with his comical memory tricks and jokes from time to time when you're getting too stressed with the material at hand.

- Kevin; Ochem 318, 2014

We highly recommend Dr. Robb. He truly cares about his students and goes the extra mile to make sure his students understand the material. He doesn't just keep sessions to an hour and cut you off if you still need a little extra help and will take emails and calls if you have questions outside of the tutoring session. His extra effort is much appreciated and makes him stand out over other tutoring options.

- Samantha and Mary; Ochem 316, 2014

If you need help with Ochem, Dr. Robb is the tutor to call!"

- Kylie; Ochem 316, 2014

"Dr. Robb is a great tutor. He recognizes student struggles and genuinely cares about your success. He is punctual, focused, and encouraging. He goes above and beyond expectations of him as a tutor.

He spends extra time making practice tests and practice work specifically for your skills and struggles.

I definitely recommend him."

- Alyse; Ochem 312, 2014

"Dr. Robb is a very helpful and encouraging tutor. He goes the extra mile to explain concepts in a memorable, and easy to understand fashion. His memory tricks make learning OChem fun and exciting, and this greatly helps reduce stress when it comes to preparing for exams and quizzes.

For those students struggling with study skills, Dr. Robb also offers great advice for studying smartly and efficiently.

He truly cares about his students and gets to know them as individuals. He is more of a friend than a tutor, and makes the effort to get to know each student's needs. He even caters to individual professor's teaching styles, and provides practice tests and quizzes.

Dr. Robb is open to helping students via e-mail, phone call, and even online tutoring outside of one hour sessions. This makes Dr. Robb stand apart from other tutors out there. If students need extra help, he will even go over the one hour session to make concepts clear.

If you need help with organic chemistry, don't hesitate to call Dr. Robb!"

- Revati; Ochem 312, 2014

"Dr. Robb was an awesome and hilarious tutor. He made Organic Chemistry more fun, and his memory tricks were too funny. Chemistry is very difficult for me, and I wouldn't have been able to pass the class without his help.

Thanks Dr. Robb for all your help. I am so ecstatic that I got a C in O chem. I never thought I would see the day.

Hope you have an awesome Christmas break, and I may contact you in the future for help in Bio Chem."

- Chelsea; Ochem 312, 2014

"When I started organic chemistry I was extremely nervous. I thought I would never be able to understand it because I just thought my brain did not work that way. I started working with Robb at the very beginning of the quarter and I am so glad I did.

All of his memory tricks were so incredibly helpful! Especially the "wheel of death" practice problems! Those saved me for the final exam!"

- Rachel; Ochem 316, 2013

"Hey Dr. Robb. Just wanted to tell you I got an 82% on the final yesterday, and the class average was 65%. I couldn't have done it without your help this quarter!

Thank you so much for helping me and have a happy holiday break!"

- Molly; Ochem 316, 2013

"Hey Dr. Robb, Luke said he did well on his exam! He told me you have been a big help to him. I will be happy to see him replace that D hopefully with a much better grade!

Thank you so much. He will need you again for MCAT. We'll be in touch. Have a great holiday."

- Holly for her son Luke; Ochem 318, 2013